Welcome to my blog.  In it you will find information about my novels and links to websites, where they can be purchased as well as lengthy excerpts (Microsoft word compatible) and reviews from some of my readers. My writing is largely driven by my passion for European medieval history, but I am also a keen traveler and an amateur photography enthusiast.  Music (both as a player and a listener) fills in any spare time along the way.

Every week I intend to include a new travel destination (located under the “Travel” tab).  It could be one special place, an area, theme or country, and will include some of my photos accompanied by commentary and a little bit of information.  Generally these destinations will be drawn from places in Europe I have visited, but I may occasionally surprise you with somewhere unexpected.  Do you have a request?  By all means let me know and – if I can – I’ll try and incorporate it into my schedule!

I look forward to hearing from you!