What readers have had to say:

“This is a brilliantly written historical thriller. Apart from a great whodunit mystery, it depicts a major era of French history which was carefully glossed over when I was a student in France. I am now going to read the other works from this author.”

“I couldn’t walk away from this nicely crafted book, a smaller and less complicated tale of the middle ages reminiscent of the battle between church and state chronicalled in Ken Follett’s “Pillars of the Earth.” Trevor Whitton has joined the short list of my favourite authors.”

“Just excellent for those who enjoy mystery and history all cooked into one.”

“This is an excellent read, very believable with excellent characterisation and plot. I liked this so much I have donated to the author – please write more novels and post them here!”

“Simply superb . . . cant stop reading till the last page.”

“Yup this is good!”

“I found it very good and exciting it was well written.”

“I loved the writing style and the Characters were very realistic. Thank you, a truly amazing and enjoyable book.”

“Enjoyed the plot and the sense of humour in the characters.”

“I read the first book and liked the twist in the ending, Clever.”

“Good book, remained interesting throughout.”

“Very good read, Factual events incorporated into a great story. – character really came alive. excellent – thanks.”

“Very enjoyable read. Interesting characters – good story. I enjoyed the historic link…”

“Excellent read, very entertaining and hard to “put down”.

“Good insight into a way of life and the harshness inflicted on people by the landowners and royals of the time. Also includes a fine little detective story.”

“A wonderful page turner with a nicely interwoven detective story. It kept me “on alert” until the very end.”

“Quite an intriguing story that would keep a reader in suspense until the end of the book. Worth reading.”

“Very entertaining read. Great fiction, but fiction that follows historical facts.”

“Great book. I would recommend it to anyone.”

“This is a great book. Highly recommended.”

“Enjoyed this immensely and also the sequel”

“Excellent book. Very well written.”

Beautifully written and well paced. Wonderfully atmospheric.

All Trevor’s books are worthwhile. albhabetically this comes up in the file list first, but you must get PILGRIMAGE first then follow up with the rest… engaging, flowing narrative with an excellent sense of place – The Family Travel book is also great fun!

“A very good read, would read all Trevor Whitton’s books.”

“Great story. Lots of twists & turns. An extra challenge for the characters working on the case – no forensics like we have in modern times. Characters all seem 3 dimensional – they have strengths & flaws.I stumbled on this book by accident, but have sought out the others & enjoyed them too.”

“I really enjoyed this book, it compares well with the Robyn Young books I have read so I will look forward to reading another from this author.”

“I enjoyed this book very much and although not knowing much about France during this period in history it was certainly opened my eyes regarding the relationship between crown and church…”

“Read this one straight after Pilgrimage and am now almost finished the 3rd one. Really good books, will be sorry when they are finished.Look forward to more from this author.”

“Brilliant, the Jean Bellimont Mysteries are all well worth the read. Trevor Whitton’s writing will entertain all readers.”

“I love the genre, and this excellent find. This book was the reason I got a VIP membership, as any site that yields a gem like this is precisely where I want to be. I will be investigating more of this author’s work.”