What readers have had to say:

“I love a good mystery and I can count on not knowing who did it till the end with this writer.”

“An excellent ‘WHO DONE IT’ Although the real murderer was introduced quite early on, I never suspected who it was right until the end. Loved the story.”

“Enjoyed the book read it ecover to ecover.”

“Like the old english style of writing/thinking..intriguing..enjoyed the three-book series..quick moving with interesting historical information.”

“Good story, kept my attention with the surprise at the end!”

“Very Good!! Really, the best I’ve read in a long time. I hope the author keeps writing.”

“I enjoyed the story greatly.”

I have finished my first e-book, A FATAL HOMECOMING, a Jean Bellimont Mystery by Trevor Whitton. It is well-written and very interesting, being a murder mystery set in 1310 France. At times I tended to get a bit distracted by the large number of characters, but those were momentary points and the reason for the large number of people became clear as the story unfolded. Jean is the clerk to the local law enforcement official, called a Bailli, and he is at the center of the case, as the Bailli, Henri, has been rendered impotent to act due to his friendship with the suspected murderer. All comes out very well at the end, and the descriptions of France in those times is very enlightening. I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a good mystery, but please keep an open mind and wait for the case to become clear. The ending is one no reader could have anticipated.

“A very good book, written in an engaging manner.”

“Very good to the end.”

“As with the prequel I enjoyed this very much. Would like to see more in this series”

I enjoyed ‘A Fatal Homecoming’ very much. I would like to read more of Mr. Whitton’s works. I find him quite refreshing.

“A book set in ancient times…a page turner.”

“I am an avid reader, of all types of books! ..I must say I really enjoyed (this book)! The cast is a bit confusing at first, but the plot is well written and delivers the most important thing of all…a twist!!! Very enjoyable 4 hours!” Note from author: It is highly recommended that these books are read in the order they are written. This allows you to build up a familiarity with the main characters.

“Have just finished this book, the last in the trilogy. What great books they are. Enjoyed them all immensely.” Note from author: There is now a fourth book – “The Lirey Shroud Mystery.”

“A good read, intelligently done, with an interesting setting in medieval times.”