What readers have had to say:

“This book is awesome…”

“Every time I read the story, I just can’t help but laugh. Love it so much!”

“Terrific read – hugely amusing as well as interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

“Im going to europe next year and when i started reading this story im more eager now that ever the story is fantasticly written and a great laugh at times some sorry for sure but more than that its going to be a great reference for me for places to visit and see the advantage i have is im going on a motorcycle and will be doing the trip alone so even the bad times should be pretty good thanks to the whittons i now know i will have a great adventure thanks again Trevor for a great read”

“Fall off the chair hilarious!”

“Very well written and really funny! Looking forward to more books on your travels.”

“Enjoyed reading this book. Gave me an idea what kind of unfortunate situations to expect when traveling in Europe. Thanks Trevor.”

“I read the description and already knew it was perfect for me!”

“Easy book light reading”

“A good read for any traveller”

“I am always impressed by the humorous of aussie, and the perception is condirmed once again after reading this novel.”