What readers have had to say:

“This is an excellent read at several levels, and provides some interesting history lessons as well. The characters and the times are brought realistically to life. Mr Whitton has written 3 novels in this series based on Jean Bellimont. I recommend you read them in the sequence they were written. Pilgrimage is first, then A Fatal Homecoming, and finally A Convenient Solution. If you read them out of sequence it may spoil some surprises for you. All three novels in the series are well worth reading. I very much hope Mr Whitton writes many more.”

“What an ending!!! I enjoyed this book so much.”

“I really enjoyed this book – I felt it captured the period well, lots of atmosphere and detail. Great twist at the end – didn’t see it coming! will look for other books by this author.”

“Interesting plot, well rounded characters and really evokes the era. I liked the humour threaded through the story and the twist at the end caught me by surprise.”

“Compelling read, will definitely read more by this author.”

“Remarkable story of great historical value. Stunningly realistic description of the Christian world in the middle ages.”

“Good series of books by Trevor Whitton read them all and all are first class.”

“Keeps going at a good pace most of the time and the surprise ending was superb. Even looking back afterwards, impossible to see it coming!”

“Good story. Good twist at the end.”

“Great! Well paced, interesting, well informed. I have done part of that same Pilgrimage and I can tell that the author had done a lot of serious research. Thanks for writing!”

“I just kept on reading, couldn’t put it down for long! And the ending…”

“An enjoyable read and a good twist at the end.”

“Great book, well written, love this author. Thanks for writing Trevor.”