What readers have had to say:

“A very good read.”

“I loved the “shroud” mystery. As with Jean’s other stories I was totally captivated and transported back to the early 1400’s on every page. Thanks for the entertainment.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed all the books in this series and wished there were more…I would certainly recommend the entire series. Easy, fun reading. Hope to see more from you in the future Trevor! Thanks.”

“This was the first of this author I had read. Really enjoyed it. Am now almost finished his other three.”

“I am pleased to find another Jean Bellimont story! Mr. Whitton has created great characters in Jean and his family and as a reader you feel like you really get to know and like them.”

“Enjoyed this one very much. All the Jean Bellimont stories are well crafted. Thank you.”

“Excellent story and an easy read, slightly slower than the other Jean Bellimont stories.”

“Very well crafted…”